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The Motor Caravanner’s Club
Firstly, thank you for hosting a rally, without you we would not be able to run rallies. If you require further guidance on any matter not covered below, or not sure about please contact the Group Secretary or Rally Officer who will clarify any concerns or misgivings you may hold.

  1. On accepting the duties it is always a good idea if you don’t know the rally site to speak to the Rally Officer to establish what equipment i.e. signs you may need, where’s best to park (it is always best to park yourself as close as possible to the entrance) and how you should park members on arrival. If possible, check the surrounding area for points of interest during the time of your rally that may be communicated to the rally attendees.

  2. Ensure the equipment you require in addition to the direction signs, booking in sign, group flag, elsan and fresh water signs (if required), which needs to be collected by yourselves from previous rally hosts or arrange for someone to collect them on your behalf as these are handed on from rally to rally.

  3. Time your arrival so as to leave yourself sufficient time to put signs out and get yourself set up prior to the 2pm start time.

  4. Place signs out in a prominent position to aid members attending, especially when approaching the site in right direction.
    Remember these signs need collecting in again at the end of the rally.

  5. Advise members where to park according to the required 6 metre rule (attached to this document). Please seek guidance from the Constitution, Appendix K Annex 1, and/or consult with a committee member if unsure. All motorhomes should be able to drive off site in forward gear.

  6. Remember you are the first point of contact members have, so you should be polite and friendly. Please do not get into disagreements, but respectfully advise the member the grievance will be reported to a committee member if you are unable to resolve the matter.

  7. All members are to show their membership card on arrival. This will enable you to record their number on the booking sheet and check membership has not expired. If in any doubt speak to a committee member.

  8. It is preferable that fees are taken at a coffee morning. Site fees and electric charges have been published in both the rally programme and website. These fees are per unit per night. Fees will be collected by a committee member attending the rally.

  9. A raffle may be organised at a rally by a committee member. Raffle tickets can be purchased at a rally. Ticket start and end numbers need to be recorded on the rally expense sheet for accountability. Hosts may wish to assist with running the raffle.

  10. Tea, coffee and sugar should be checked on receiving the equipment and replenished if necessary. Hosts to purchase milk and biscuits (please keep receipts to be reimbursed).

  11. It is preferred that the booking form is completed by the host and all forms to be handed to the treasurer along with any receipts for expenditure that you wish to claim back, and any unused paperwork. If the treasurer is not attending the rally, please pass on to an attending committee member who will reimburse the hosts for their receipted expenditure.

  12. Equipment should be cleaned and packed prior to handing over to the host of the next rally or a committee member.

  13. Generic risks at each rally, will be assessed by the safety officer. In the event of any further risks being identified on site, the host should highlight this risk.


We hope your experience running a rally has been favourable. Each host’s name will be entered into a draw (with the exception of committee members who host), to be drawn at the A.G.M, under the Host Rewards Scheme.

May we take this opportunity in thanking you for your invaluable contribution to Scottish Group.

Download this document  here:

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